The romance between vampires and humans was a matter of imagination for every teenage girl when Twilight was made into a film. Starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, who is good-looking despite the poor acting quality in the film.

In the Twilight film, Edward Cullen and his family are portrayed as perfect vampires. Has a luxurious residence in the middle of the forest, a private island, a luxury car, and do not forget the sparkling skin when exposed to sunlight.

When Twilight became a part of pop culture that glorified vampire figures, Taika Waititi revealed the original figure of a bloodsucking creature through a mockumentary of What We Do In The Shadows in 2014. Far different from the flawless Edward Cullen figure, the three vampires in this film are shown in the form of old men with old fashioned tastes and living in a musty, dirty house. The vampires also have to sweep the house and wash the dirty dishes that have been dormant for 5 years.

Vampires in this film are equipped with various characteristics that fit the legend and history, making the figure of a vampire by Stephenie Meyer look fake and actually ridiculous. Therefore, the mockumentary was made to insinuate the figure of a perfect vampire, that this is what we really are in the shadow.

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